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Originally Posted by CTS View Post
If You Have To Use Oil Additives Then You Are Using The Wrong Oil.
When I finally do get my 2SS I just want to try and make it "BETTER" if I possibly can that is why I posted this thread, I dont know if this product is Snake Oil or Not, Believe me when it comes time for me to have the oil changed I'll probably have it changed with Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil, I believe that is what comes with it from reading the Adobe .pdf Manual if i remember correctly, I just want to make my Camaro Better in every way Possible and for an extra $30-$35 every 6000 Miles Really isnt that much to spend since we're almost pretty much spending $3.00 for a gallon a gas at a well know gas station for good gas for our cars or $2.75 for gallon for crappy gas at a crappy gas station for your car.

Originally Posted by Ksb2010ss View Post
Couldn't have said it better ! I use only Mobil 1 synthetic in every vehicle I own and have never had a problem yet.

I totally agree,... I plan on using the same oil but again I just want to make my car Better is all that is why I started this thread to find out if this Oil Treatment Fluid is any good or not.

I'm still not convinced yet, Carrol Shelby is an old man, I dont know what his finances are, Plus he's a Mustang Guy and I can't stand Mustang's .
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