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Originally Posted by 13F20 View Post
I have a very good memory. I am always a friendly guy. I just get assertive when I need to so that things stay on an even keel. It is something I do on a day to day basses. I am a Sergeant with the army stationed in Iraq for now and some times being assertive comes out away from work, but it does get results. By the way I never hold grudges. As far as I am concerned every thing is a dead issue. So that you can see what I look like to put a face with who you are talking to. Go to page 2 for general discussions. Look for the "Post your ugly mug for Indy". Page 10, post#207. The bald guy with rifle. That’s me. Put it like this. There was a guy that got out of hand at a bar I was at. He was yelling at his girl. I told him to chill, well in a much different way. When things calmed down I said to him “common I will buy you a drink, it is on me”.
Oh ok. Hey let me ask you...Do you know if the Rally Yellow or Inferno Orange come close to the PBC-30 Sunrise paint color?
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