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Originally Posted by raymo1 View Post
I like the coil overs,I have pedders on our camaro and it rides and performs great.The Pedders coil overs are the way to go since the shock travel won't change to get the ride height .The shock valve is also 30 way adjustable to help get the performance that you are looking for.We have a set in stock if you are interested.
Originally Posted by toehead93 View Post
I had the same dilema as the OP. I pre-ordered Pedders coilovers but was considering springs and sway bars in lieu of the coilovers. I've decided to keep the coilovers, from what I researched I'll have better ride quality and not only be able to drop it lower but I can adjust the height as I needed. I will be installing my Pedders coilovers in Jan, I've got an extra set too if you're interested.
Originally Posted by g-townmach View Post
If you're concerned about ride quality, I would of course go with the coilovers.
Coil overs are what will give you the better ride and cornering ability.
Hope that answers your question.
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