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Originally Posted by MikesZ View Post
By heavy duty suspension I was referring to parts such as sway bars that improve handling...these parts are standard in police vehicles that need to maintain handling at high speeds. And that my man is VERY MUCH part of what makes a sports car! If you don't know that, then there is no sense commenting further. As for the 1LE option, GM's fleet division already has parts that could be used. Really, it would not be that difficult to put together the package.
As an aside I have a friend who is a police mechanic. Police Versions (9C1, etc). are not some magical special package. Realize the cars they are based on are floaty comfort based cars. The police packacges are just factory based suspension upgrades to make the car handle in general, as if you've ever driven a NON police Crown Vic you would know it handles like a dump truck with a flat tire.
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