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You can shop payment.. by doing the math yourself and then getting financing that matches..

Personally my current payment is $280/month but I'm doing $500.00 payments.

I can afford up to $500.00 BUT thats reaching into used vette/new vette territory so its really going to depend on msrp pricing for the camaro...

Originally Posted by srtclg1007 View Post
$26.5K @ 72 months with an interest rate of 6.99 would put the payment at about $450. that'll get you an SS or a decked out V6 RS.... probably. $21K at the same loan term and rate would put the payments at just over $350.
I will be VERY surprised (and happy) if you can get an ss for under 27k. Honestly I think it will come in at just under 30k (which will also price it out of what I'm willing to pay for it). But until its official I can hope....

PS: my hardline has hit, I want to be able to get a SS/RS(no other options) +ttl for under 32k. If I can't then I will be shopping used C6 vettes.
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