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Originally Posted by Mblock66 View Post
No problem! Ill help all I can. I bought my 2005 legacy GT (which was the very fisrt year of the totally redone model) for $500 UNDER invoice.

Dealers thrive on idiots. They love to move cars though. So even if you come in and get a terrific deal, they are ok with it b/c 99% of those that come in get raped by their smoke and mirrors which is how they make the $. Don't let them make $ on you, just let them move a car you be the 1%
Sounds like a plan. Thanks again!

Originally Posted by srtclg1007 View Post
do you think there is any room to negotiate on the '10 Camaros or is MSRP pretty much gonna be it for the first few months?
Also Im looking at putting $10K-$18K down on the vehicle. do you think it would be wise to NOT mention so the dealer may go down on the price because he thinks he may be getting interest from me financing a larger amount there, OR should I use the power of cash as a leverage in the bargaining so he'll take me seriously??? Just thought I'd throw that out there for you seasoned car shoppers......
good question

My guess would be to hold off, so that the dealer won't have room to work with the difference they have left over after your down payment.
but we'll let MBlock66 answer this one

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