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Originally Posted by Rogue Leader View Post
Which could just be accomplished by stripping a 1SS (as if it isnt stripped enough) but the difference between a 1SS and 1LT is literally the engine, wheels, brakes, and suspension, all things youd want in a 1LE (altho the wheels are like lead bricks, I'd install something lighter). Otherwise you have the spoiler and nose, which is barely any savings, there was a lot more body differences in the old cars, and huge amounts of equipment differences none of which exist now. I question the fascination with the V6 nose because you gain nothing otehr than it looking like a lower model, theres no weight savings, nothing.

JMO a 1SS stripped down would make an excellent start to a 1LE, it would retain the brand identification of the V8 with the SS nose, but be lighter than all and therefore a great base to start from....

You can't get away from the insurance rates, the car would still be rated based ont he fact theres a V8 under the hood. Insurance companies are far wiser than they were many years ago.
You would use the cheapest body, which would be the LS body. A 1LE would not have fancy wheels or a spoiler (one more thing to come loose and fly off the vehicle at exceedingly high speed while cornering). If its cheaper to leave the base LS interior features...then leave them. But it would at least need a small V8 & corresponding tranny, suspension upgrades, better rear end, and better breaking.
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