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Originally Posted by Rogue Leader View Post
1) And what does his car not having stripes have to do with it? If you ordered a Z28 it came with stripes and wheels, you had to option it otherwise...

2) I agre they need to bring up demand for the V6 eventually but the car is still selling like hotcakes... In a year they will need to spice up the V6 to continue selling it. V6 packages are a great idea, but Using a monkier associated with a factory road race car is NOT the way.

3) Ford gets away with adding stickers and trim, now you can get a V6 track pack, start there see where it goes.
1) Option, as stated...

2) Bastardizing monikers is nothing new with them...

3) Where it goes? Onward...successfully for 47 Model Years...without hiatus...unlike you-know-who...ready to repeat their errors of the past...

The V6 IS the key Platform for continued Camaro success...PERIOD!
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