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Originally Posted by LOWDOWN View Post
1) Option, as stated...

2) Bastardizing monikers is nothing new with them...

3) Where it goes? Onward...successfully for 47 Model Years...without hiatus...unlike you-know-who...ready to repeat their errors of the past...

The V6 IS the key Platform for continued Camaro success...PERIOD!
Thanks for stating the obvious... still has nothing to do with the thread or whether there will be a 1LE option. The 1LE is a low production option for us nutcase fanatics which is the point of this thread. Youve gone off on a tangent (and I've stupidly followed).

Originally Posted by djsnoflake View Post
In this day and age, an up-optioned V-6 like the rumored "executive edition" will do more to promote V6 sales than taking away options.
Absolutely... a low option fast car, while great, does not a high volume car make....
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