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Camaro/MotorTrend Get Togethers (San Jose)

(Moderators - could you pls sticky??)

Good evening, Camaro Comrades and Firebird Friends!

If you live in or near (or will be visiting...)

>San Jose, California
>Salt Lake City, Utah
>Providence, Rhode Island --

.........Motor Trend and Chevrolet will be holding a Camaro "Meet and Greet" at each of these shows..........

We'll meet at the Camaro Display within the Chevy Exhibit - -talk briefly about the new Camaro -- and then retire to a private area for some refreshments (Coffee/Tea/etc) and talk about all things Camaro and Firebird. I'm working on bringing one or more of the Camaro team with me to Salt Lake and Providence ( ....awaiting who will be able to join us...)

We'll also have two SEMA Camaros on display as well as a few production models.......and -- on Friday-Sunday, we'll be featuring a Ride and Drive that includes not only Camaro - but the new Buick LaCrosse -- GMC Terrain - New Equinox -- Silverado Hybrid -- and Malibu..........


San Jose -- Thursday evening, the 7th of January at 7pm

Salt Lake - -Saturday, January 16th at 7pm

Providence -- Saturday, January 23rd -- at 10am

Details of each show can be found at:

If you are able to attend - please go to:

.........and let us know how many people will be with you. (I need to know how much Coffee to grind..........)

Looking forward to seeing you there!
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