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Originally Posted by madddoggrobb View Post
Is it OK to wax over the black matte stripes? Just trying to get an idea if I can wax over the stripes or if I need to be careful around them.
We have discussed this before,but in case you didnt see it here it not clay bar the stripes,do not buff the stripes.Now for the wax part,Do not use a wax that dries before removing.Examples of some of the products that can be used on the stripes are zaino but i am not familiar with this product but Moose is.Also the ones i am familiar with are adams, formula 113 and most of the detailer sprays wether it is adams,formula113,lucas the meguirs has a tendancy to build up and begin to smear.I use these products on 9 cars and 3 trailers.Try any of these products and make your own opinion.
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