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v6 CEL, shorties, IAT relocate, Flowmasters

I just recently stuck JBA shorties on my LLT, which when compared to the factory OEM manifolds, look like LTs. I have Flowmaster 44s as an axleback system and I stock my IAT sensor in the snorkel of the air box. Also of note is that the front o2 sensors are real close to where the factory ones would be, as that section of pipe had to be cut out. The rear sensors are exactly where they were before.

Here's the problem, I've got the CEL, and according to AutoZone its..
Post Catalyst
Bank 1
Rich mixture, or something along those lines.

I had AutoZone reset the code, didn't last a full day. It is cold here, right at 20*F, so I thought I'd mention that. The code originally appeared after a couple of 1/4 mile pulls in about 25*F weather, give or take 5*.

Anyone care to help me before the car goes to the dealer? Here is the actual code number, p2097, that the car is throwing.

I just attempted the fues pull, and now I have this code as well, p0603. The car runs fine though, so maybe this code will go away?
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