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Planning on placing an order in October.

ok. I think im gonna go place my order as soon as i can. I would really like to have the first camaro around here

So i thought i would start this thread for tips for anyone else doing the same. I have never ordered a car before, so im not sure how this will work.

I have already spoken to this dealership a few months ago, and they said that they didnt think the camaro will be built since the factory it was supposed to be built at in ohio closed... so that just shows you what im dealing with...

but also i know they dont have a list.. so that means i can get a car out of their first allocation.

I will not pay above msrp
I plan to be preapproved by my bank before i go
I want my gm employee discount

So how do i go about talking to the dealer? I really dont want to be hassled considering i know what im talking about. Should i just go in there and be like Okay, I want a 2010 camaro out of your first allocation, i want it be be msrp or below, i am preapproved by my bank, and i expect to get my gm employee discount, IF you cant make this happen then please let me know, and dont waste my time because i already know other dealerships will, i just wanted to buy locally.

OR, should i see what he offers me, or if he tries to BS me? (no offense camaro scotty) but you know how some dealers can be.

after i get tips from you guys, and place my order, i will post tips for future people that plan to order.
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