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Couple things

I say hit the web and hit up all the dealers in a reasonable area around maybe a 100 miles, a nice ride home would be cool when you get it. Contact their internet sales person or their Corvette Specialist so far from what I have seen many corvette specialist are handling the camaro's too.

After a few emails you will know who knows what is going on. like the 2nd IDL in October, ordering, etc.

If pricing is out(october 13)??? let them all know you want the best price with your GM employee discount, if there is no pricing (after the October IDL) and you can order. Put a deposit down and order with the dealer that seemed most knowledge as long as it is 100% refundable.

Does that make sense?

By they way Scotty is like 135 miles from me and yes I google mapped him! so I buying from Scotty!!!
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