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Originally Posted by fastball View Post
Not to burst your bubble, because I do agree it is freakin sweet to have any car that says "180" on the speedo......

But that's actually to accomodate the conversion to kilometers/hour. If you notice, there is no small print font for km/h below the large numbers. GM has gone the way of making most of their speedometers with electronic recalibration for English and Metric. When you go into the DIC and hit Metric, it now recalibrates your outside temp display, interior climate control (Camaro won't have climate control), fuel computer, and the speedometer and mileage readout, whether you get a digital speedo or analog.

It's actually pretty cool. If you're going 40 mph, and while you're driving go in to the DIC and switch to metric, the needle on the speedo jumps up to around 60 immediately!
That's a great feature.
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