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Originally Posted by MisterCamaro69 View Post
The Pedders camp has kept us in the loop on their zeta II testing, and have brought their numerous years of zeta platform experience over with them. You'll notice they're always here, glad to answer questions, technical or otherwise.

Pfadt makes good products... For the Corvette. I haven't seen much R&D from their camp on the zeta platform other than a skid-pad video.
Every product Pfadt has developed has been created with a lot of R&D with stress analysis testing via software analysis, and real world testing on their shop camaro, im not sure it is fair to say that Pfadt has less research and development then Pedders...

Another item to consider is where the product is produced and the materials used. Pfadt trumps a lot of manufacturers with this, American made products held to strict tolerances and quality measures to maximize customer satisfaction, and winning performance, you will not find ONE product made by Pfadt from China or East Asia.

With that said price between the two pedders seems to be comparable, but it seems the majority of members have seen the benefits of the pfadt springs, and many are choosing them hand over fist. If you would like, PM me and I will shoot you our Camaro5 pricing for members. Good luck in your decision, but to me its relatively easy, American made products, with quality and commitment win every time.

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