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I too was on the fence between Pedders and Pfadt, had had several conversations with folks on the Pedders side and will say that they were very responsive and informative but at the same time I have gotten a great deal of "pre-order" service on the Pfadt side as well. I have had several exchanges with Aaron Pfadt via PM and he has been very forthcoming and responsive when I contact him and I also have nothing but good things to say about Brandon over at IPS Motorsports. He has made the actual transaction part of this process very easy and VERY competitive on pricing. I have Pfadt Front and Rear sways sitting in my garage now and am just waiting on delivery of their Coilovers as well once they become available. I will be doing the installation myself and feel very confident that the support will be there from both Aaron and Brandon when the time comes.

In the end I chose Pfadt based on several different things but mainly where the components are made, the VERY competitive pricing from Brandon over at IPS, and the investment I was getting from both Aaron and Brandon during the process and the insight they were able to give me as to why certain things were designed into the Pfadt components. I have spent COUNTLESS hours trolling all of the suspension threads I could find, that reading coupled with my conversations with these two very professional individuals was enough for me.

Sometimes getting the answer between the two major companies in the forum here winds up turning into a pissing match, it wasn't until I started contacting folks involved with the companies that I was able to make my decision.

Good luck with your decision and remember, it is YOUR decision, there are plenty of folks happy with both companies.

Now I just have to look into Pfadt mounts and bushings to really tighten things up and handle the Supercharger I am looking to get in the spring

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