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I've had 3 4th gen camaros, 2 v6's and a v8, The 2 new that I bought(v6) all did that early in the mornings in fact most cars do that early in the morning, the V8 I have included. When the weather is cooler down here in Florida the humidity in the exhaust can condensate on the way out. Thats not to say theres other stuff involved in it like running rich. Theres always the posibility a little oil is being burned and like he said it was just reprogramed. I've heard it takes 25-40 miles of driving to adapt. Anyhow all the ones I've had do it for a couple of minutes the clear out even if you rev it up. The thing is most of us don't start the car and run to the back to watch the exhaust, so we don't notice it. Try it you may be surprised after a few times.
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