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Originally Posted by mtcwby View Post
Nice Aaron, let us know when you have the manual transmission mount done as well. At that time I will buy the whole set. Also, have you got instructions like this for installing your rear diff bushings?
This comes up often, as there are number of customers interested in transmission mounts for their Camaro. Unfortunately I can't provide any concrete date for when these will be available. But, I can say we are working on these, and we will keep everyone updated as the date draws closer. There are a number of variables involved, and we need to make sure we cover all our bases for the components we produce.

In regards to the rear diff bushing install instructions, I will make it a point to post them in this thread when they are ready. Look for these in the next week or two. Its a priority to make sure customers are clear on install procedures, so thank you for asking about them!
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