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Ok... more observations...

The LTSFT PID does in fact seem to be the rear O2 sensor. I noticed today that the rear o2 bank 1 sensor was reading quite a bit leaner at times than the rear bank 2 sensor. When this was happening the LTSFT was increasing. So that makes sense... computer thinks the rear O2 is lean and is calculating how much fuel needs to be added... HOWEVER this is simply monitoring, it does not actually add any fuel... it's just doing the calculation. Now when I seen this happening I flipped over to the front O2 sensors. They were in the expected range and bank 1 and bank 2 were the same readings.. Also the front sensors LT fuel trim were fine in the +/- 1.6% range...

Now I reset the LTSFT yesterday... now by this afternoon the LTSFT had climbed to 47%. I believe it triggers the P2097 at 54%. Then later today it warmed up and I noticed the LTSFT actually started going down! It's now at 43%. So when you hit 54% it give you a P2097 but not CEL. Drop below the 54% and then hit the 54% again the 2nd P2097 code causes the CEL to come on.

Now through all of this the front O2s were fine, values looked good and the fuel trims were acceptable... So at this point it appears the P2097 is a just really an annoyance... I'm thinking that with warmer temps this may go away... In the mean time I'll just reset my LTSFT when it gets close to 54%! LOL!
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