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Originally Posted by kga10734 View Post
I saw there was 2 different sets of drop colis. If you use the same springs on both the LT and the SS is the drop the same? I know the cars weight is different so I would think the drop would be also if the same spring is used. I have looked at a few other brands and some of the are offering a different coil for the LT.

What would the labor cost be that week to install the drop coils and front and rear sway bars? If you can't post it here, just pm it to me.

Also, does anybody know the business hours for Fastlane during the week? If I get this done I need to know how late in the day I can drop off my car that week. Or if I can make arrangements to drop it off after hours.

We have 2 different sets of drop coils because there is a need for a smaller drop due to guys installing incorrect and oversized wheels and tires. The fronts are the same for both. The coils, whether on a LT, V6, V8, or SS, will drop it to the specific mm, which will be different due to the SS is already dropped some, and the LT and V6 are much higher. We make our measurements different to me more accurate. We measure from the lower wheel lip, thru center to the fender opening. This takes away the influence of tire sizes and issues. Keep in mind, where your alignment is set, will make a difference in ride height. Here is some data on the heights with 20 inch wheels:

Front coil, 220032 p/n will be at 657mm. The SS is at 680mm and the LT is at 698

Rear coils, SS OE at 682mm and LT at 708mm
1. 220033 Pedders coil to 660mm
2. 220035 Pedders coil to 675mm

these coils are to a level, that we have determined the shock travel will not be compromised on the majority of the roads. Also our spring rates are in the 40-50% higher than OE and the actual number is proprietary.

Here is a your cost for a system at the event:

Camaro Performance Coil Kit

Savings of $8.49

This kit is for the enthusiast that is looking for that aggressive look with with a more performance oriented handling experience. The fronts are a Ride Height with 20" Wheels 667mm and the rears are Ride height with 20" Wheels 660mm. This look is a European look, and will seriously reduce the significant amount of understeer the new Camaro offers.

Retail $349.99 EA

Item Code Description Qty Availability
220032 Camaro Front Lowering Coils 2
220033 Camaro Rear Lowering Coils 2

Add front and rear Sway bars

27mm F & R bars & 4 links

428020-27A, 429020-27A, and 2 - 424218 Endlinks. --------------------------------- Installation Instructions for 424218 can be found on our Pedders USA forums at ------

For the more aggressive enthusiast Camaro owners, those that want a rewarding driving experience and a reduction in actual understeer Pedders Solution B will be the answer. In this configuration, the front bar is 27mm 428020-27A and the rear bar is 27mm 429020-27A. The transition from slight understeer to slight oversteer will be predictable based on the velocity of the vehicle. The faster the vehicle travels, the faster the vehicle will enter oversteer in a turn. This setup requires the driver to know the difference between understeer and oversteer as well as how to react to both. You have to know when you can lift and when you cannot lift or things will get worse fast. Both bars are adjustable. Start out with the rear bar set to full soft and the front bar to full hard. Work through the adjustment range until you are comfortable with your setup. We encourage ALL Camaro owners to take a performance driving class to learn how to safely operate a high performance vehicle. Solution B includes 27mm front bar, 27mm rear bar, Urethane D bushes and 424218 Adjustable endlinks. This installation requires the OEM front strut endlink mount holes and the OEM rear lower control arm endlink holes be drilled to fit the larger 424218 endlink studs.

Retail $599.99 EA

Item Code Description Qty Availability
424218 Camaro Adj End Link 4
428020-27A Camaro Front Sway Bar 1
429020-27A Camaro Rear Sway Bar 1

Total Parts are Regularly $949.98 but will sell at the show for $854.98
labor is normally $594 plus align. But discounted to $535
Your total price is $1389.98 plus tax and free shipping.

Not to optimize on the rear alignment to make a big dent in understeer and overall handling, will require the optional rear Pedders align kit:


Zeta Rear Camber & Toe Kit

PDUSA5420 Fits Pontiac G8 2008 - 2009 and Chevrolet Camaro 2010 - On

Pedders has developed a set of rear camber and toe eXtreme Adjustment Bolts and Washers to get your Camaro or G8 exactly where it should be for street, drag strip, autocross of road course or road course use. The OEM adjuster provides less than a degree of adjustment. Pedders eXtreme Camber and Toe Kits provides more than 2 degrees of adjustment range. We also go one step further than the OEM and provide jam nuts to lock down the alignment bolts. Pedders rear Camber and Toe bolts double the OEM bolt range of adjustment. The driver's side OEM toe adjusting bolt cannot be removed unless the sub-frame is dropped to clear a plastic tank. The rear alignment bolts are best replaced when the cradle has been dropped to fit Pedders EP1200 Sub-Frame Inserts or EP1201 Sub-Frame Bushes. We suggest that the new bolts be installed with the heads of the bolts facing the rear and the tail facing the front. This makes adjustment on the alignment rack easier for the technician. When it is easier to adjust, the technician can be more precise. At Pedders, we like precise.

Retail $198.99 EA discounted to $179.10
Install is $108, discounted to $97.20

Item Code Description Qty
11114032 Toe Bolt 2
11114035 Camber Bolt 2
31161727Z Jam Nut Z M14 4
40334 Hex Nut M14 4

The alignment bolt kit is optional. We will be able to get your ride into GM specs. But it will not be optimal alignment without it.

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