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Originally Posted by GTAHVIT View Post
That is exactly why I like it.... different than the traditional 5 spoke..... I gues there is a reason why 5 spokes are so popular...

who said I like 5 spokes? check ur pm's

Originally Posted by Tom Henry Racing View Post
I don't like the twisted either, the straight looks more traditional, but thats why there is so many flavors of ice cream.
full bullet blank wheels!!! like knight rider!!! (the mustang one...lmao)

Originally Posted by Number 3 View Post
Wait....what.......many flavors of ice cream? I thought there was chocolate chip cookie dough and like one other flavor......... Well maybe three, chocolate, vanilla and one other I can't remember.

The thing I don't like about non symetrical wheels is they can look drastically different on one side than the other.

But I think that is just me. I have never heard anyone else complain

if they made them so they "swayed" in the same direction in relation to the car, that would be one thing. thats one thing I hated with the 4th gen "salad shooters" they'd look halfway decent on one side and like junk on the other. same goes for brake rotors and the interior air guides. more efficient on one side and less on the other. but its a lot easier and cheaper to make them all go one way in relation to each other over making a left and right set.
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Nobody makes CamaroSpike happy. You just disgust him a little less than other people.

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I piss excellence
and fart awesomeness
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But not all people were born awesome like you, Spike.
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