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Originally Posted by diarmadhi View Post
get a USB drive (you can get a large capacity like 2gb) for $15.00. Then you take your cd's and copy the music from your cd's to the USB drive. Just for reference 1gb will hold an average of 240 songs (thus 2gb will hold 480 songs).

SO for $15ish bucks you can carry 480 songs in your car without having to worry about swapping cd's or getting your car broken into and having them stolen.

PS - with a cd and rough roads you can possibly get skipping and the cd in some cases wont even play.. with USB its solid state meaning that no matter how hard you drive or what the conditions, it will play without skipping.
I didn't know it was directly connected to the stereo, that makes sense. You can store a lot of songs on a flash drive. I was thinking it was for the cars operating electronics.
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