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Originally Posted by drivingincamaro View Post
well i guess i will have to buy a ipod or zune
I've got a Zune, but the rest of my family has ipods. After using both, here's why I like the Zune better:

1) FM radio built in
2) Zune screen is bigger
2) Software is easier to use, so is Zune marketplace (same thing as Itunes)

3) Zune now has "FM tagging" - On the radio stations that display the song name on the radio, if you hear a song you want, just push the center button on the Zune & it saves the song info to your Zune. The next time you go into Zune Marketplace, it will have the song waiting for you to buy for about 99 cents.

3) Every year, the Zune software is updated, adding new features. Apple just puts out a new Ipod every 1-2 years, making you pay for another player - the Zune updates are free.

Every product has its problems & defective units. I've had my Zune 30gb for over 2 years without any problems & I just updated the software so that it matches what comes on the new Zunes being sold.
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