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Originally Posted by TripleB View Post
i keep getting this indexing error. i figured out how to fix it (by accident and then from reading here and the manual), but the car keeps having it happen every other day or so. that just doesn't seem right to me to keep happening that often. it's rather annoying to be honest, especially since it did one time after washing it and i didn't want to roll the window down and get streaks. the other time was yesterday when i was driving home from work in the pouring rain. i had to roll my window down and do this quick fix like 5 times before it fixed itself finally. i was pissed because rain was getting inside my car.
I know your frusustration all too well... That is exactly what mine did before it finally went crazy and lost it's brain and went up and down on it's own when I opened the door, then once I got it back up, turned off the key and went in the house it opened itself all by it's self with the key out of the ignition... They replaced the door motor regulator and it has seemed to fix the problem. However, it took 30 days to get the part and they would not even do that until it finally lost it's mind and started opening by itself. I drove it to the dealers and said I can not leave my car sit in my carport with the window open over night, rain, dew, and 10 stray cats... They gave me a rental Cobalt and I waited patiently... for 30 days to get my car back.

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