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I'm skeptical of the "no sacrifice in ride comfort and compliance".

These would have to be magic. Simply reducing supsension travel makes a HUGE and negative difference in ride and what does this package do? Lowers the car reducing suspension travel, making it more likely to get into the jounce bumpers if nothing else.............unless of course the springs are stiffer, which also impacts ride negatively. Or if the shock damping was increased, which would negatively impact ride but the package doesn't appear to have shocks.

And as for FE??? I can tell you lowering a car improves FE. And GM adjusts this to maximize FE. But there are reasons why your Camaro isn't an inch lower stock.

But I would also go so far as to say the wouldn't claim it if they didn't at least think they could back it up.

So as I said, skeptical. But interested enough to talk with my FE experts on Monday morning.
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