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Torq - South Florida's #1 Camaro Destination - ONE STOP SHOP

Inside Torq
No other company can offer all of the the services we provide under one roof in addition to unparalleled technical and tuning experience. A combined 15 years in the performance parts and tuning business and a combined 30+ years in performance maintenance and installations we are your GM and Camaro source.

Torq is a full-service, performance-oriented facility that offers enthusiasts all of the necessary services under one roof in our 4700sqft Miramar facility. Torq sells quality parts and provides unparalleled service that combine to generate significant results for our customers. Torq brings a new philosophy to an old school industry that is rapidly changing with the introduction of computers. Torq consists of two guys with a unique passion for cars and racing combined with an international perspective on performance. Paul Meister, "EFI" tuner and founder of Torq, as well as Erik Cederberg, American born, part Swede, part Irish and with an extreme passion for racing brings his knowledge of chassis setup, road racing and customer service to Torq. Combining our experience with Electronic Fuel Injection systems (SCT Advanced Certified), internal combustion engines and our specialized understanding if performance and racing, Torq will provide quality service that creates power and TORQ you never imagined possible and performance that is reliable. Torq’s drive for power and performance is backed by a combined 15 years of racing, tuning and installation / repair experience.

Muscle Card – Rewards Program
Torq’s Muscle CardTM lets you earn rewards points as you purchase products or services in store and online in addition to our in-house services such as maintenance, installations and tuning! Additionally you’ll enjoy a discount on every service/item we sell.

• Absolutely Free!
• Earn Points on all Products and Service
• Redeem Points on-line or in-store!
• Special Membership Pricing & Discounts!
• View, Manage and Track rewards online!
• Earn 1 point for every $100 purchased
• Each point is redeemable for $1.00 off parts and services

Parts Department, Customer Lounge/Business Center
Torq has tried nearly every performance product on the market and has the knowledge and experience to find the right combination of parts that will give you the most power and TORQ from your ride. Torq has the ability to source specific products and can deliver them fast, directly to your door. If there is a specific product or accessory you are interested in, chances are we have it in stock, if not we can get it to you right away through our vast network of suppliers. We offer everything from performance add-ons to dress-up items, wheel and tire packages and knowledgeable advice.

The first thing the customers will see as they walk through our entrance, is a showroom second to none including a stainless steel parts counter, Italian tile floor and a showcase of Torq’s Performance Packages and other parts and services the we provide via digital media and folders.

In our lounge area customers can sit in a relaxed and comfortable environment and watch TV or their car being tuned on our flat screen TV, check email/browse the internet (free Wi-Fi) or just hang out and read one a magazine.

Service/Installation Department
Torq offers high quality professional installation for all of the performance parts and accessories we sell. Additionally, we perform general repairs and offer factory routine maintenance in addition to performance maintenance packages to keep your modified vehicle running at its best. Torq’s state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest in diagnostic and repair equipment to ensure your vehicle performs at its best after being serviced. All installations will receive complementary before and after dyno runs to verify and record power gains.

Our Lead Technician, is a certified ASE Technician with over 24yrs experience in the automotive service industry specializing in electrical and diagnostics, engine repair and engine performance. His resume includes working at Ford where he earned many awards and certificates for his outstanding achievement in Noise, Vibration, & Harshness Diagnostics (NVH), and Electronic Systems Diagnosis.

Torq offers custom tuning for Mustangs, and other Ford vehicles equipped with SCT or Diablosport flash devices or chips. GM custom tuning is available using SCT, EFI Live and HP Tuners.
Torq is more than a Wide Open Throttle (WOT) tuner. We have the capability to hand-tune your vehicle with a focus on safety and drivability. There is much more too tuning than finding the highest horsepower and ‘Torq’ number at WOT - it should be just one consideration of many.
Paul Meister, EFI Calibrator (and Managing Member) at Torq, has been at the forefront of providing stock-like drivability for high performance vehicles since 2003 while employed at a domestic performance facility in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Paul was the shop’s only Calibrator and his quality work helped his former employer become the largest SCT tuner / distributor in Canada and among the top 10 in North America. Additionally, Paul is among a select few that hold SCT Advanced level certifications, EFI 101, and Advanced EFI certificates in addition to being a beta tester for many new tuning technologies. Paul’s experience has taken him all over the world as customers have sought him out and flown Paul to places like Sweden to tune vehicles that other shops couldn’t.
Torq has proprietary data logging equipment and we perform our tuning with OEM lab quality wideband air fuel modules on our MD 1100SE (Single Eddy Current) Dyno to ensure perfect drivability and the safest, most reliable tune possible. Other shops simply use tailpipe ‘sniffers’, and low quality data logging equipment. If you have a heavily modified car, there are usually big power gains and drivability improvements that can be realized by having your car tuned. Utilizing our in house Mustang Dyno 1100SE, with load control, steady state control and an abundance of advanced features offered by Mustang Dyne, we have the ability to simulate real world conditions without ever leaving the shop. Our dyno is located in a controlled environment, enclosed test cell which ensures accuracy and repeatability each and every time. The test cell reduces noise by 50%, removes heat and unwanted exhaust via a 35,000cfm fan and draws in fresh outside air from multiple squirrel cage fans that simulate the pressure of over 50MPH.

For more information please visit, e-mail or call 866-870-TORQ/954-251-2110. Please note we are switching servers and the website will be relaunched at the end of the week.

You can also follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter ( We run weekly/monthly contests that can earn customers free products, free tuning and installations.

For additional information, hours of operation, technical information, videos, pictures, showcases please visit our website Torq - South Florida's #1 Destination for Camaro Parts, Camaro Tuning, and Camaro Service

11952 Miramar Parkway
Miramar, FL

For those who have been following us, we had a showcased photo shoot on Camaro 5 and I will post some pictures of our RECENT Camaro upgrades.

Our 2010 SS - Built and Tuned in house (featured at PRI and next month in GM High Tech Performance)
497RWHP, 11.4 1/4 Mile, 164MPH in the standing mile, tons of road course testing, and SCT, and Pfadt Racing and many more preferred installer:
Torq 2010 Camaro Stage 5 Dyno Video

Wolfgang's 2010 SS - Getting flashed before being sent to Germany:

Our short shifter being installed in Gary's Camaro:

Burt's 2010 2LT, Eibach Spring Install:

John's 2010 SS, Torq Stage 2 Handling Pack (Pfadt Spring and Swaybars)
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