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I went through the same thing, first they told me the tires need rotated....didnt help, then they said the tires were out of help (bought new tires) help, then got so it would make a loud grinding noise when I turned the wheel, at that point I threw such a fit they came and got it on a roll back....said they coulndnt find anything wrong. At that point took to another dealer who without even looking at the car, proclaimed that it was brake rotors, got into a cussing match with him, until the service manager came out and I showed him that you could move the front wheel by grabbing it and giving it a good yank......So they finally put it up on a rack, and were nice enough to tell me that they had no idea how Id even made the 30 mile trip to get there. My car was parked and deemed by the mechanic as unsafe to drive. So there it sat waiting on ball joints, bushings and all 4 control arms for almost 5 weeks due to a shortage of parts.......go figure......may not be the same issue on the camaro but seeing as they are on the same platform I suspect that this is the issue on them as well

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