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Originally Posted by bumblebee1029 View Post
You guys can come out anytime you wanna gather, give me notice, and how many spaces you estimate, and its done!! We have the cars everyone wants, and we should show them off as much as possible.
It's nice to be wanted...

Originally Posted by PWND View Post
yup... and yeah huh!!

so Fridays @ Fridays... hmm...
Can I get an Amen....

Originally Posted by louperrault View Post
And the food at TGI Fridays is better than houlihans
that's the understatement of this thread... though I got a funny as heck story about TGIF, in the airport at Minn/StPaul...

Originally Posted by Atti2dezWife View Post
I think it would be great!!! Even though it would be a little further away, we are wanted there. That makes a HUGE difference. Chris and I are game.
I'm in, but not this Friday as I am still stuck in more week, and good weather means I'll be home on the 5th of Feb... hopefully get to meet up then...
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