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Originally Posted by SSRSLY View Post
Just want to make sure I cover the bases here! This install article can also be used for other shifter installs as well, they just won't be as involved or complicated.
Thanks SSRSLY, I wish I had the photo's available when I installed mine.... It would have made it easier...

Originally Posted by SSRSLY View Post
We realize that, and we did use it, as mentioned and recommended in our article, but 1) not everyone has a computer in their garage, and 2) some parts in the video were hard to see, so MGW asked us to get good, clear pictures of our install, which we tried our best to do
George did ask for that as well...!!!

Originally Posted by herkman View Post
Well you didn't say that in your post and if you don't have a computer in your garage, then your video won't help much either. The MGW video is still a better installation guide!
Does it matter if he said it in his first post...$%&$^@$%&$&... Some people have laptops... some people have printers, and one video is professionally done, so what, the guy put extra effort into his install and it provides additional reference material for those of us doing this ourselves...Herkman [sic]

Thank You SSRSLY, for your effort and time... hope you enjoy the MGW as much as I do...
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