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Originally Posted by will69camaro View Post
Have to let SSRSLY answer for that as she's been driving it more lately. I drove it a little while before I went offshore. Installed it the first day we had this car. LOVE it over the stock one (had 6500 miles on the stock shifter in our first camaro). I found myself shifting a LOT more than I normally would because it was just more "fun."

It is a little stiff but we're told it will ease up with age. He sets the springs STIFF so when they break in they're "perfect."

Maybe Kat can contribute to this as she's put several hundred miles on it daily driving it

For the money and what you get, there is no rival IMO.

I have a question and comment to another post on here,

But First, SSRSLY, I apologize for the male female fo-paux...[sic]

Question, for you will69, you mentioned offshore.... What do you do offshore. If you look at my avatar pic, you can easily determine I work offshore. I am a Sub-Sea Engineer for Diamond Offshore... No mechanical inclination here either... Are you in the oilfield or something else... My guess is that we are of the same occupation more or less...

Comment, I love my MGW, and yes it was stiff at first. George said it would be... I now have 1700+ miles on the car and over 1500 on the shifter... It has loosened up and feels really good. I figure it will loosen a little bit more this next time home and be just about perfect... For the poster that asked, it is worth every penny spent... The feel is crisp, and I know exactly where the shifter is going... It feels solid and sure. It gave me a lot more confidence in my shifts. My cars shifter was better than the car I test drove, but the MGW is on another plane...I will not comment on the other brands out there even though I drove a car with one of them... but I would not buy anything but an MGW if I decided to buy another car...Z-28, Vette,etc...

Thanks George... for a quality product....

Again, Thanks SSRSLY and Will69 for the DIY.. BTW, I am not too far from you folks, may run into ya'll someday...I'm over Houston way a lot...
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