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Got my springs and sways........installed.......with VIDEO

Holy Crap. I can't find anyone who will install these damn things. I can't lift my car good enough and would feel better if someone who knew what they were doing would show me or just do it.

I've called around everywhere and most don't know what I'm talking about.

Some will ask for instructions and ask if it's a kit or something.

So I guess I'll just do it the best way I can. For those who have done it. Can I do it on jack stands? Or do the wheels need to come off?

Pfadt installation video
56k users... good luck

Ok. Can't really see the difference. I guess because the befores were taken on a sunny day and the black makes it hard to see the gap in the afters but here you go for now. It's true, pics don't do this drop justice at all. Perfect drop in my opinion.

Before pics.....................................After pics

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And one with a clients car in the lot.


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