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Originally Posted by herkman View Post
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MGW's web site has their own full installation video. 

That is all I said before you guys started the stirring. Get over it and move on. The MGW video was clear to me....but then again, I am mechanically inclined.

You all are making a mountain out of a mole hill
Correct me if I'm wrong, but you're the one that came into this thread making out like my hard work was just a waste of time. Yes there is a VERY GOOD video on MGW's website, that is also included in their kit, but since when is it a bad thing to have "too much" good info? I won't go into your how-to threads telling you it was a waste of your time, so don't come into mine doing the same, it's just rude.

Originally Posted by herkman View Post
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You're right, neither of us (myself or SSRSLY) are mechanically inclined 
I didn't think so. That answers everthing. Post over
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Nope, no mechanical inclination here.

Originally Posted by bballr4567 View Post
How does it feel compared to the stock shifter? I love my MGW on my Formula.
Amazing! Now that it's broken in (and yes folks, there is a 2-3 week break-in period with normal, daily driving; weekend drivers will have to deal with this a bit longer) the shifts are smooth, crisp, and easy, while still maintaining the spring-to-center sharpness you'd want from an aftermarket shifter. I had a Steeda Triax in my Mustang, and now I wish I'd gone with the MGW in that as well after suffering through that for 4 years!

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