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Camaro Laws

Found these on a group on facebook its like myspace but just recently was opened to anyone instead of only college students/alum.

anyway on with the show
Camaro Laws:

1. Camaro Laws are Never wrong, they have been passed down since the First Generation of Cars and are tried and true.

2. If there is more than one of the same exact Camaro in one town, one should out look and clean the other until one gives up on being the better looking car.

3. When choosing a type of Camaro remember.
The SS is for the Racers
The Z-28 is for the Tire Burners
The RS is for The Cruisers.

4. No Camaro should go more than 7 days without
being washed, More than a weeks worth of filth
can hurt the car. Law is Void if Your's is in the
Car show on Sunday.

5. If a Camaro is going to be in the Sunday Car Show
it must be washed & cleaned everyday beginning on the Monday before.

6. No Camaro can be Loved, it can be Respected & Admired, It is not a living person therefore it cannot be Loved.

7. No Camaro shall park behind a Mustang, it can park along side, or in front, but NEVER behind.

8. Camaro Owners should never outcast their F-Body Cousins, The Trans-Am Guys.

9. 3rd & 4th Generation Camaro Owners must own a Def Leppard CD Which is to be blasted on hot days with the
Windows down, or the T-Tops out.

10. Every Camaro Owner is to always show respect to their brothers if they meet on the highway by either waving or giving a thumbs up, Two thumbs are to be given if their car is a 67-69.

11. As Camaro Owners we all have the right to convert Pro-Mustang guys over from the "Darkside" to become a part of The Camaro Nation. (It is possible!)

12. A Camaro shall live, breath and die to only the will of God. It is not up to man to mediate an execution without the consensus of God.

13th Every Camaro Owner knows that Camaro's and the Winter Season do not mix. If your like most of us who don't own a second car, and must drive your Camaro in the winter weather you know that it's a pain in the ass having to clean your car every day due to the Salt and Road Filth that comes with that time of year.

14. Everyone should know that the Funeral Song For Camaro's is Blaze of Glory By Bon Jovi, It's one of those
songs that says it didn't go out in vain.

15. No Camaro is EVER cute, sweet, or anything of that nature. Furthermore, Flowerprint or frog seat covers are also Forbidden.

If anyone has a law feel free to add it.
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