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2010 Camaro 1SS & 2SS.

I was interested to know if when you get the Camaro SS and you get the 2SS will you still retain the items listed for the 1SS or will you need to order the Camaro SS with the 1&2 level packages? I ask this for the reason that when I saw the items listed it did not say any thing about the 2SS package keeping the items from the 1SS. Furtther more most of the items listed for the 1&2 SS packages are from the RS packager. So would you be able to buy the items seperatly to sort of round out every thing? So if some one knowes somthing that is legit then please let me know. If you are just going to speculater then please dont bother to coment. I have a brain and can speculate all day long.
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