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Exclamation January 2010 Camaro production & sales figures. Tops Mustang for 8th straight month!

As reported on Homepage.

The latest camaro production and delivery (sales) #'s were released today. Here are the stats:

Production Stats:
Camaros produced in January 2010: 7,227
Total Model Year 2010 Camaros produced to date (since March 16, 2009): 89,415

Delivery (sales) Stats:
Camaro January 2010 Deliveries (actual sales): 5,371

> December 2009 Stats:
> November 2009 Stats:
> October 2009 Stats:

Compared to Competition:
Mustang sold 4,747 units in January 2010.
Challenger sold 1,683 units in January 2010.

*NOTE: The Camaro production stats reflect the Oshawa plant closing for vacation during parts of January 2010.
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