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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
16) There is no such thing as an Ugly Camaro, only those that are less fortunate.

17) If you are at a 4 way stop sign, and there are no other sports cars waiting, it is safe to assume that, in a Camaro, you ALWAYS have the right of way.

18) The only car a Camaro is allowed to yield to, is a Corvette or a fellow Camaro (preferably 67-69)

19) NEVER race another Camaro, because if your reading this, chances are you'll win - which is embarrassing to the other Camaro

20) Have patience on the road, not everybody drives a Camaro...

21) No matter what the situation, a Camaro must do all in it's power to help it's fellow muscle cars (Corvette, Trans-Am, Mustang, Challenger) to embarrass, or otherwise put-down, all ricers it may come in contact with.

22) As an owner of a Camaro, it is safe to assume you are always right - in everything

23) Be Proud, Be honorable, be true. For this is the way of the Camaro
I liked these the best.
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