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To the OP on this I would think seriously about what you want out of the car. They are going to be two totally different applications. The vette is more refined in almost every way HOWEVER you are talking about a 4-5 model year old vette by the time you purchase and it doesn't seem like the right choice. Right now you can get an 09 vette coupe from the dealer for 39,999 with the 1lt package and around 48k for the 3lt pkg. They will deal on the leftover 08s even more since they are drowning in them.

With that said the 2008 used market for a 3lt is in the 35k range already. Since the updated 2008 has the LS3 it has pushed the LS2 2007 and older models really far down in resale. You can pick up a 2007 Ls2 used for around 32k now if not cheaper depending on the mileage. There is no reason to look back to an 05 or 06 model. By mid next year when you want to compare the two you shouldn't even be looking at used LS2's anymore, you WILL NOT be happy knowing you bought a poor resale dying technology car. My recomendation is in June 2009 only look at used 2008 coupe which will be in the low 30's which should be the same as the Camaro SS.

I am on the fence with this too. I want the vette and the fiannce knows this but she thinks cars are a total waste of $ and even though I can totally afford a vette now she "suggested" that the $ would go a long way in the beginning of our marriage rather then having it tied up in a vette. And I can't really argue that. So I am waiting until after we are married to revisit this. Which is July 3rd next year. At this point I will check out the G8 GXP, Camaro SS, and used 06/07 Z06 vettes. I feel for you but it is a tough choice. Just don't go LS2 you will regret it in a matter of months
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