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Red face Powdercoated Calipers

I've been debating this for a couple years now, but my price has been the same since 2009 and regretfully, I need to make a price increase due to the creep up of prices of material, packing supplies, electricity and shipping over the last several years.

Everyone on the list, or who has received a price quote from me will stay with the old pricing.

New pricing is as follows:
V6 Brakes - 300
SS Brakes - 350
CTS-V/ZL-1 brakes - 400

Shipping 40 flat rate in continental US .

**************UPDATE 2/13/13*****************
My phone numbers are changing. My toll free number will still be 888-644-7221, which will ring to my cell phone, which is 678-357-5844. The landline, 678-957-6202 will be taken off line after a month or so transition period.

So, my contact numbers are
678-357-5844 and 888-644-7221. Both ring to the same phone.

Greetings all!
As some of you have seen in teccboxx's post, I powdercoated his calipers for him.

I have been powdercoating as a hobby for over 6 years and as a business for 4 and a half now. I have been a forum vendor on corvetteforum for the entire time I have been in business, and go by 'corvette pilot' over there if you want to do a search on me.

I am a professional aviator for a major airline, and when we went bankrupt and took a 50% pay cut, I turned my passion into a business. In the last 4.5 years, I have powdercoated over 1100 sets of brake calipers. Mostly corvettes, but a little bit of everything.

Normal pricing for Camaro Brembos is 300 and 250 for the non brembos. Shipping is a flat rate 30 in the continental US.

I don't have an exchange set at the moment, but will have one in the next couple weeks.

Right now, I can only color match black, red and red jewel, but will be working on the other colors.

Here is some of my other work, in addition to teccboxx's, and more pics can be found in the gallery on my website

I am first and foremost a fellow enthusiast, so nothing leaves my shop that I wouldn't put on my own car.

Persimmon Orange 370Z calipers:

Special request Camaro calipers (don't know if this is a forum members, I did them for MTI racing):

Velocity Yellow Stoptechs:

Jetstream Blue Corvette Caliper:

Victory Red Nissan GTR Caliper:

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