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Thanks. It was kinda fun skimming through all the old photos. I've got tons more, but as time goes on, I realize more and more specific pictures I'm looking for have gone missing. I really have to get all of the good old ones I have now put in the puter for safe keeping. I've got quite a few in the fire proof safe...special ones. But, I'd rather have all my pix right here.

In response to them all being Chevy's, YOU BET! I don't really know how it happened. My first Chevy was purchased from my dad's uncle up in Cornelius, OR (just outsite of Portland). It was a 77 purchased in 93 and it had something like 60K miles on it. By the time I was done w/ it, I had well over 100K and blew the engine mudding....I miss that car. It was a boat, but was seriously cool. And from there, when buying a vehicle, only GM made vehicles have appealed to me...especially Chevy's.

I always liked the 1500 series pickups. So, I got me one. When time to get a new truck, it was either the S10 or the Ford Ranger...price didn't really matter and was close..S10 was a couple grand higher if I remember correctly. But, the styling of the S10 was far superior IMO.

It was at the time that I had the S10 that my brother and I moved in w/ a roommate. He had a couple fox bodies (93 Cobra and 93 GT). I suddenly had a great deal of respect for the fox body Mustang....holy sh!t was it fast...and it handled extrememly well. He got rid of them buying a 97 Camaro. I was hooked from there on Camaros and got my V6 because I couldn't afford the Z28. But, the rest is history. Got the cash, special order, got totalled, and now in the SS. I feel fortunate to have only owned Chevy's. I love'em.

DRAGON, it's a tough choice on color. It kind of goes like this. I LOVE looking at a clean black Camaro. IMO, it is much more beautiful than pewter. BUT, the pewter is so much easier to keep clean. Don't get me wrong. I think the pewter is a cool color too. But, there's something about clean, shiny black paint. Lemme put it this way.

Everyday I look at my SS, I think "WOW. That is bad@ss." ...even when it's dirty. When I looked at my pewter Camaro, I thought it was pretty cool looking and "man is that clean!"...even when it was dusty. It's a trade off really. If you have the time to keep it clean, go for black. I'd take black anyday as long as it was clean everyday.
The build of THRSS #2
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