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First of, great news and worth de-lurking to comment on! This means I'll be able to get the Camaro cheaper since the import dealers will no longer be the only dealers selling it.

Now, for some replies:

Maa107, they're already prices double for a "rare and new" import, and they will be cheaper then that.

Andro, yes we have higher taxes. And we also have public health care that is great. And we have great schools. And great public transportation. Some of the things that the taxes pay for. Would I like some lighter taxes on bigger engines? Sure, but it's not so high that it's unattainable. I can easily pay for an SS if I save up some and plan my economy. The latter I've already done for quite a while. Plus I see plenty of cars with V6 engines daily, and there's even some V8s out and about in winter (in summer they're aplenty).

As long as they don't make huge changes to it, this is all good.
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