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My price version of the Magnaflow 2.5 Comp Series exhaust

This is the documentation of my price version of the Magnaflow 2.5 Comp Series axle-back system. Although it wont be 100% as good it should be real close at approximately the cost or less. Plus, I have read in a few threads how the factory exhaust seems to be very efficient but quiet so using our factory pipes should work well enough.

This is what Ill be attempting to replicate. If you shop around you can pick up this system for about $945.

This is also very similar to the SOLO Mach-X system which is $750 delivered. I was on the fence with just buying the SOLO system but I figured I could save myself the cost of the Hurst Shifter I plan on getting. AgainI know that the SOLO system would ultimately be better but Im limited on $$$ and if this works out Im going to feel better about getting it done at such a reasonable price.

Ive ordered an LS3 but the same can be done on an L99.

Here is the plan:
-Remove factory H-Pipe and replace with Magnaflow resonated X-pipe (#1386)
-Remove the factory resonators
-Do a muffler delete using the 4 Magnaflow tips (#35121)

I asked members on this forum in the TX sub-group about muffler shops and I eventually found one that quoted a muffler delete for $80 and X-pipe install for about $100 depending on needed pipe. Im going to be conservative and say $150+$80+tax for ~$250 to install.

I ordered my parts from JDP Motorsports and got a great deal. So far I have $173 in parts to my door. With the estimated $250 install I should be able to get this done for about $425 or possibly less. I really like the looks of the Magnaflow tips but I could have saved myself almost $100 if I wanted to use the factory tips. IMO I think the Maganaflow tips look a lot better and its worth the extra money for these.

The parts came in today and Im really excited to get my car now. I should be picking it up in about a week and I plan on going to the muffler shop the day I get it or maybe the next day. The tips were larger looking than I expected. I can only imagine how big the 5 must look on Magnaflows axle-back system.

Here are some pics to start with and I plan on documenting everything along the way and will eventually get some sounds clips to go with it as well. The pics of the inside of the #1386 didnt come out as well as I liked but I can definitely see the X inside the muffler and from the pics you can see how it is perforated.
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