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As the 3rd largest Corvette dealer in the U.S., EVS Chevrolet in Wisconsin deals with these questions every year. We have many customers who want to "pre-order" Corvettes in March or April for the next model year. This year for example we had dozens of orders placed before we knew pricing. It is just unfortunate how GM structures this. When you pre-order a car such as the Camaro in a couple of weeks, most dealers ask for a deposit to place the order. It is at the dealers descretion as to how much this would be. Once an order is accepted, which in the case of Camaro won't be until December or January, the dealer is obligated to that car. That is why we ask for deposits. With Camaro, the initial allocation is something you need to be cautious about. Early allocation is based on 70% Chevrolet sales and 30% Corvette sales. All Chevy dealers will get a few Camaros at first, but the larger allocations will go to larger Chevrolet dealers who have an emphasis on Corvette sales. Unfortunately, the small dealers will have a hard time getting cars in the first few allocation cycles. Basically, make sure the dealers you are working with sells a large volume of Chevrolet product along with Corvette sales. Hope this helps.
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