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I liked your comments, bassist. Very valid points.

A quick comment about #3. Women and these musclecars...
1. How many females vs males do you see driving 4th gen Camaros?
My answer. 1 in about 30, if not fewer...and it's usually a V6.
2. How many females vs males do you see driving Mustangs?
My answer. It's about half and half.

The wife says she loves the look of my SS. But she also says she'd never own one because she can't see the front end. She wouldn't feel comfortable driving it (THANK GOD) is what she's said over and over. Therefore, she would never purchase one for herself. I don't know why, but the Mustang has always seemed to appeal to the female gender more than the Camaro. Now this is in my opinion. But think about it. Which vehicle do you see women driving in more? OH, and guess wifes last car was a '00 Mustang.
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