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Thanks to Moose for posting this up!

With my recent addition of stripes there was no way I could tell how they would look without some amazing photoshop skills or trying to picture it in my head. This thread is going to be dedicated to CLEAR images so that people can see what type of stripes are available and be able to 'shop them onto their car and see if that's what they want to go with.

Everyone is asked to help. If you have a good, "square-on" picture of any type of stripe please post it and we can edit this OP. If your picture has 'gill' stripes no worries. I'm sure we can get someone proficient in photoshop or some editor and once we get quite a few different types of them we can size them smaller so they're easier to see/browse.

Post the picture with any information you have on it: Colors, painted/vinyl, finish type, etc.

Factory Rally Stripes

- matte black

- Hopefully we can get some without the glare :\
- Matte Black

Rally Stripes + Roof Stripes

Rally Stripes + Extended Spoiler Stripes

Rally Stripes + Hood Spears

Transformers Rally Stripe

Rally Stripe w/ any other type of 'extension'

Rally Stripes without pinstriping

Matte Black

Front Facia Rally Stripes

Factory Single Stripe

- matte black

- seems to be painted on

Single Stripe + Roof Stripe

Single Stripe + Hood Spear

Single Stripe + Hockey Stripe

Factory Hockey Stripe

- good hockey shot, car has hood stripe as well

Hockey Stripe Extended

Hockey Stripe + Hood Spear

Hood Spear Only

"Tommy Sticks" aka Upside-Down Hockey Stripe

- Concept

- Actual
- Matte Black
- 'gill' inserts that are pointed at the tips and not just flat

Yenko Stripe

can be found here:

Old RSSS Nose Stripe

Other Stripe

- can be found here:
- again glare :\

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