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Originally Posted by ljustin293 View Post
ya...this is kinda scaring me, I don't want everything on the 2SS but I want more than the 1SS
Which is the drawback of streamlined packaging. On the other hand, such packaging of features helps increase production, engineering, and assembly quality, while decreasing cost.

I remember when my Grandfather bought his 1985 Eldorado, and he got it fully loaded (there were still many options you could omit on a Cadillac, but he got them all)....

Every option was individually listed and priced. From the electronic instruments to the power passenger seat to the cassette radio. Ther were about 15 different items individually listed on the options list of the sticker. Everything was an individual option, which meant GM could conceivably build an Eldorado in any of 430 million different combinations, and they only built about 20,000 that year.

You might then have to stop the line for something uncommon, design parts more complicated than they need to or should be, when it comes down to it, to offer lots of options and combinations is really crazy.
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