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Diagnostics/tuning for dummies?

What type of tuner packages offer what level of information and customization? (handheld vs EFI/HP laptop based for SS RS 6M)

I don't mind spending money, but don't want to accidently screw stuff up with a poorly designed software/interface, either. I hope these systems have failsafes for applying changes or writing to non-volatile ram/flash memory. In my profession, I've used good and bad interfaces in that include GUI or CLI so I don't mind learning anything.

I got my car back from the dealer for potential HID ballast problems and the service sheet said:
"... perform diagnostic system check. found numerous BCM DTC stored due to customer replacing various lights with LED bulbs, not relevant to this condition. check left headlight circuits, ok..."
My "old-school" troubleshooting with a trip to the parts department came up with a bad ballast possibility, too. I wish I could buy the service manual with schematics. (maybe available late 2010)

The new OBDs actually sense open circuits in various lighting systems? Holy crap. When I pulled my battery ground for my PDIM problem, mechanic saw tons of log messages for sudden shutdown of systems. It took him awhile to sort through log messages to see if anything was relevant. I guess I made it harder for him. In the end, bad PDIM and HID ballast, on back-order.

To be honest, I haven't kept up with all the handhelds, EFI live and HP tuner updates for the camaro.

Any insights or suggestions from professionals that used different products?
(I hate to call the manufacturers and get the HEAVY PR/MARKETING speech)

Thanks in advance.
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