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Originally Posted by Fandango View Post
I still am not able to differentiate the 2. If SS2 and SS1 are the same drive train then why have the 2 different ones? I'm still not getting it.

Seems like SS1 and 2 are the same thing except the appearance. Seems fine to me except the leather part. I guess I'm getting an SS2.
Okay, drivetrains:

L99 is the LS3 with AFM (Active Fuel Management, which is the thing that turns off half your cylinders when the power isn't needed), and this engine is what you get if you order an automatic SS..... whether you get the SS1 or SS1, if you get the automatic in either, you get the L99

LS3 is the, uh, well, LS3 - which is what you get if you order a manual SS1 or SS2, you get the LS3 WITHOUT AFM.

Okay, trims:

SS1 - the base SS (cloth, no interior accent lights, no BA sound system, no heated leather seats)

SS2 - the loaded SS (leather, interior accent lights, BA sound system, heated leather seats)

So, in review ---- say it with me class:

SS1 with automatic, you get the L99
SS1 with manual, you get the LS3

SS2 with automatic, you get the L99
SS2 with manual, you get the LS3
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