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Originally Posted by SS Michael View Post
Yeah man, they shot me some info in another thread. I'm definitely going to check into it. What exactly did you have done to yours? Thanks for your info Kyle and keep me posted.
I pretty much posted all the details... but here is my experiance.

There was about a month of emailing back and forth with Cody, figuring out exactly what I wanted. We scheduled the time we wanted to do it. I live in Austin and work in Virginia so I have the luxury of leaving it with them for 10 days at a time and not really missing it (physically), haha.
I dropped it off, they showed me around, started some other cars for me, then took me to the airport so I could go to work. Cody is keeping me up to date with pics of the build and some video and titilizing dyno numbers.. yes I said titilizing
They are picking me back up at the airport when I come to pick the car up as well.

They really bend over backwards for you, I met 4 guys that had work done there and they all agree. Cody also has a couple "special" add-ons he likes to do for the owner... but I will keep those secret on this thread... actually 3 if you count him starting a Build thread on Camaro5 for you.

The pricing is out of this world too. I had Xtreme HP install a D1SC Procharger, Kooks Headers, Kooks Highflow Cats, and full Kooks pipe and mufflers out the back. That is it. I posted a ball park price up top, but the owner even told me.. i do not want to set your hopes too high on RWHP, but it will be nice. Needless to say they are blown away by how much power this Procharger is pushing out. I will be floating around 600rwhp with out a Cam... I am scared to see what that combo will put out with a hot cam.

All in all man.. You can gaaaaranteee that I will be back. (suspension)
as always... feel free to PM me if you want to know anything else
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