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I'm on step 65 and about 4 hrs into it, and I've never worked on engines to this degree. I've replace entire A/C systems and other crap, but nothing like this.

I definitely recommend having a pipe at least 3ft long to help break free the harmonic balancer bolt. That's assuming you don't have an air impact wrench to get the bolt off. I tried an electric impact rated at 345 ft/lbs, and it didn't budge it! I did end up taking the radiator out so I could fit the impact wrench in there, and that's not usually done in a normal install. I'd have had to do it anyways because my drill was too long to fit anyways. It's not a huge deal considering so much is out of the way anyway.

As for that extra step for the auto, I know it's related to getting that bolt off the pulley because you just end up spinning the motor. With my manual, I just put it in 6th gear and put the e-brake on.

That's all I got so far.
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